Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Four years ago I moved into my present home. My first two summers were spent cleaning all of the garbage out of the backyard and planting a few perennials given to me by friends and purchased annuals. Since then haven't done much back here except for adding plants here and there but all along I've had great plans in my head. This summer I think I'm going to make at least some of those plans a reality.
Here is what I'm beginning with.
Right now the ugly black plastic compost bin is the focal point of my garden. The back yard is pretty small and I don't want the bin any closer to the house so it stays where it is. One of my plans is to create a screen in front of the bin. I moved all those Rudebekia Something (Green Headed Cone Flower) a couple weeks ago so ideally as they grow the bin will disappear, however, I'd like create a focal point near those Green Headed Cone Flowers to serve as a replacement focal point for the vanishing bin.
The Bleeding Heart in the second photo is the first planting I ever did at this house. I got it from Mrs. Bemis, heir to the paper bag empire. The rest of this stuff I planted either last week (the Green Headed Cone Flowers, Physestesia, Rudebekia trilobum, and Wood Poppies) or last year. I'm trying to get this area to mimic the larger garden in the first picture but might abandon that idea for something more dramatic. I'm not yet sure what, something attractive in winter. Maybe a bunch of variegated dogwood. I'm considering pulling out the flagstone and putting in a kidney shaped pond I found in the garbage last fall. The water will reflect nicely on the stainless steel siding.
Plans, plans, plans, if I can accomplish the screen, pond, and improvement of the ugly corner against the house this summer, I'll be satisfied.

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