Thursday, October 22, 2009

Autumn Arrangement

Inspired by little Laura Ingalls (aka Half-Pint) in Little House in the Big Woods, I created this seasonal arrangement.
Wanting a rag doll but limited by resources, Laura creates a doll from a corn cob, wraps her in a little blanket, and showers her with love and affection. Laura fears Susan (the name she gave her doll - not to be confused with Black Susan, the name of her cat) will be hurt by the attention given to Mary's authentic rag doll so whenever Laura holds Mary's doll Susan must always face the other way. Charming.
My corn cobs represent Slim and I relaxing in an outdoor hot tub watching autumn leaves fall on a cool October afternoon while drinking red wine.

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willie said...

when i was 7 my mom bought me the little house box set for my birthday. big bucks for broke-ass back to the earth farmers back then. i wrote on the box that i love laura. i guess i still do.