Thursday, March 13, 2008

2008 - Two thousand Great

It's been over a year since I last posted anything and that is changing right now.
The purpose of this post is to document the fact that I just planted some lettuce so that I don't forget. Photos and other information will follow but this is going to be a real nuts-and-bolts post.

Renee's Garden
Baby Mesclun Salad
Paris Market Mix
Days to Germinate 7-14
Days to Harvest approx. 40

Renee's Garden
Baby Mesclun Lettuces
Cut and Come Again
Days to Germinate 5-17
Days to Harvest approx. 35

Renee's Garden
California Spicy Greens
Days to Germinate 7-10
Days to Harvest approx. 40

***Planted Last Week***
Renee's Garden
Rainbow Chard
Bright Lights
Days to Germinate 5-7
Days to Harvest approx 50 (if the cat's don't completely destroy them all first)

Over and Out.

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