Sunday, April 13, 2008

Beans and Greens

It's hot today but I HAD to plant because I've waited to long already!
I tore out my green onions and mustard greens. They were getting too big and funky and I was getting tired of looking at them. In place of the green onions I planted tri-color pole beens around tomato cages. Heat-tolerant, summer European Red and Green Lettuce replaced the mustard. If everything works according to plan, the Dutch Redina, Batavian Nevada, and French Cardinale will provide us with some nice salads through the summer into the fall. I should see some signs of life in the next week or two.
While I messed around in the garden Slim made this fantastic bat chateau for our friends Annie and Marc. Ideally, it will encourage bats to hang around by having a cozy pad to sleep in and, in turn, the bats will eat the bugs that would otherwise be irritating us as we dine in the moonlight. Perfect.

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